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The PA & EA Circus

- Angela Garry

A professional development book for PAs and Admins working in any industry or organisation.

After my book for PAs and Admins in schools was published, I wanted to write an equivalent book for staff in other types of organisation. I had, after all, spent only half of my career working in education: I had also worked in an international seaport, two banks, an executive search consultancy, and a water & sewerage utility company, as well as their environmental regulators.

I based "The PA & EA Circus" on the premise that the PA or EA for any organisation could see their role in relation to all of the various roles within a circus - the front of house (reception, handling the boss's calls), the lion-tamer (getting rid of cold-callers), the tightrope walker (dealing with difficult situations), plus the magician (being able to do anything, anywhere, at the drop of a hat). Each circus themed chapter looks at a different aspect of the PA or EA role.

Concentrating on the various 'hats' which PAs and EAs are required to wear in order to succeed in such a challenging environment, this book offers a selection of my tips, hints, anecdotes, time-savings, advice, knowledge and expertise to assist with your Continuing Professional Development so that you can provide the best possible support to your Executive.

Channel your inner RingLeader to lead your Circus to success!

Clicking the cover image at right will take you to the book's page at - or you can contact me direct to buy a signed copy.

Below is a video that I've recorded which gives some more information on the book.

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For a sample chapter, click here.

SOME Reviews for "THE PA & EA CIRCUS"

Angela Garry has put together an insightful and comprehensive look at the amazing world (circus) of the PA, EA, Secretary and Administrative Assistant.
Her book covers everything from the very start of your career for both the newcomer to our profession as well as those who have been doing it for years.
A brilliant read from beginning to end.

Michele Thwaits - South Africa - President of PAFSA (Professional Association for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants)

"The PA and EA Circus" by Angela Garry is a must have resource for every office. Angela offers a wealth of practical advice that can be immediately applied in a clear, concise and easy to read writing style.
Working as a PA or EA demands a diverse range of skills and Angela's book delivers a seemingly endless supply of proven tools and strategies for dealing with both everyday job responsibilities and the almost-everyday crisis, giving the reader the tools needed to undertake this key role and ensure that you can effortlessly and efficiently juggle it all.
It is full of great, easy to implement tips and provides a little nudge to remind us that we all have room for improvement whether we are new to the PA and EA career path or have been on the journey for some time.
The advice contained within these pages enabled me to implement tweaks to my own processes and allowed me to do an even better job for my Executive before I'd finished reading the entire book.
A must for any PA bookshelf.

Kerry Dawson, PA to the Director of IT Services at Leeds Beckett University @UnflappablePA

Roll up, roll up PAs and EAs!
I believe the very best advice and know-how can be gleaned from those who have first-hand experience of their topic.
Angela, as a seasoned PA and EA, certainly knows her topic and, coupled with her sense of humour, shares her knowledge in this enjoyable and highly informative book.
This is sure to be a favourite on all PAs' book lists.

Lindsay Taylor - UK - who formerly appeared in her own PA and EA circus prior to setting up Your Excellency Ltd and specialising in training PAs and EAs worldwide

Fabulous book!
It is great! I liked the part with mind mapping a lot, but I also think that you write in a very good way. Easy to understand.
I highly recommend this book.

Kristin Sande, PA to the Secretary General of IGU, Norway

A must-have book. Useful & inspirational both for new and experienced Executive Assistants / Personal Assistants
I first met Angela Garry via Linked-in and soon became a member of her 22,000 strong contact list. I have since had the pleasure of meeting her in person at a number of "Executive Secretary Live" events in London. I found her to be a very motivating and capable individual, with great drive and energy; so as an Executive Assistant myself, I was keen to read her new book "The PA & EA Circus".
I believe the author's metaphor of an EA / PA circus to be accurate and insightful; and agreed with her argument that software tools are no replacement for an executive assistant. New generations of executives may be encouraged to believe that they can manage without an EA / PA, but a well organised assistant, with the ability to think creatively to achieve the results needed by executives are a valuable resource that cannot be matched. As an EA of many years' experience, I know how important it is for an assistant not only to support an executive, but to be able to represent their company in a proficient and professional way.
I found this book to be both useful and inspirational. I'm sure it will prove valuable to both junior assistants, as well as more experienced ones, who would like to polish their skills further. I will be keeping my copy close at hand!

Filiz Yurttaser
Individual Member IMA from Turkey.

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