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Brave PAs

- Angela Garry

The only professional development book for PAs and Admins working in schools.

"Brave PAs" came about from a conversation with my then boss. I was working as the Personal Assistant to David Harris, the Principal of a secondary school. He was writing his second book - "Brave Heads" - and he joked with me that it needed a chapter about the importance of the Personal Assistant in a school.

I laughed and said "That's not a chapter, Dave, it's a whole book" and he challenged me to write it. Ttwo years later "Brave PAs", my guide on navigating the many roles and responsibilities required to support the leadership of a school, was published.

There are many professional development books out there for Personal Assistants and Administrative staff - but "Brave PAs" is the ONLY book which has been specifically written for staff working in schools, by a former school PA.

Clicking the cover image at left will take you to the book's page at - or you can contact me direct to buy a signed copy.

Below is a video that I've recorded, giving some more information about the book.


I would seriously recommend that every PA (no matter where they work or what stage they are in their career) invest in a copy of Brave PAs.
They should also keep this magnificent gem stone polished and upper most in their bravery bag - this is certainly my aim.
The book is an education in itself - you learn something new on every page. It is inspiring, encouraging, resourceful, emotional, makes you smile and above all a fantastic reference guide to being a first class PA in today's world.
Thank you, Angela, for sharing your words of wisdom through your own personal PA journey.

Gail Welsh, Scottish PA of the Year 2014

Truly motivational and inspiring, this is a must read for any PA!
As a PA, trying to describe to a non-PA what you on a daily basis is impossible. Every hour is different, and every day a surprise, and by the time each evening comes the morning's tasks are a distant memory. By some feat of magic, Angela manages to break down the role of the PA into bite-sized digestible chunks.
Not only is this book a comprehensive how-to for PAs, it is a reminder of how important the role of the PA is in the workplace.

Poppy Calvert

- published on and

The title, 'Brave PAs' says it all.
Angela Garry uses every bit of her years of experience in education to drill down to the essence of what it means to be an outstanding PA.
Facing the fears that confront PAs every day does indeed take bravery.
Angela shows the way with humor and in glowing detail. By the end of the book, you will know with absolute certainty if this is the career for you and if the answer is yes, you will have your guide.

Bonnie Low-Kramen, Author of "Be the Ultimate Assistant

An Indispensable Guide to Being A PA!
Brave PAs is one of those great books that only come along once in a lifetime.
Angela Garry's superb guide can turn you from a good PA into a great PA. It can be read for start to finish or kept as a useful guide that can be dipped into in small, bite sized chunks. If you cannot see the wood from the trees this book will show you the way.

Informative, amusing & indispensable... just like a PA if you ask me!

Mr. W. Lynas

- published on

Wonderful Must Read for anyone supporting an Education Executive.
If you are passionate about your role as an Education Administrator and you want to make a good impression on your boss read this book!
I bought it on Saturday and it has become my bible. Angela Garry has written a great book with a lot of ideas and details that all administrative and executive assistants can use in everyday activities. I would recommend all levels of assistants read this book and keep it as a resource to refer back to in order to improve and grow your work skills. It is written by an Education Assistant for Education Assistants and I would highly recommend you add this to your reading list.

Kerry Dawson

- published on

It's superb! Enlightening, reassuring, inspiring, insightful and humorous!

Emma Penn

- Poltair School, Cornwall

- via Twitter

Exactly what a school PA or secretary needs! Read it and be a brave PA!
I'm in my 5th year as a School Secretary and Head teacher's PA. I have been searching hi and low for a book that would help me develop in my role. I've bought a few PA and administrator books, but none of them have quite covered what I was looking for. The only school related books I could find were children's books describing what a school secretary does, but there was nothing about actually being one and how to do the job well.
FINALLY here it is! Brave PAs is exactly what I've been looking for. It is easy to read and dip in & out of, and covers many of the different aspects of my role. I'm keeping it close to my desk for future inspiration. I thoroughly recommend it to every administrator working in education - dare to be a Brave PA!


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