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in PERSON and online

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I can help you to be your future self, whether that be through counselling to find a way through problems and issues from the present or the past; language coaching to increase your mastery of English as a second or third language; a life coaching boost to help you to identify and reach your aims and goals; career coaching and mentoring to develop your existing role or to even change career entirely, or looking at work issues you want to resolve.



Counselling and coaching sessions can be held face-to-face in my home office or at your home, online (via video call or email) and by telephone.



People come to counselling, psychotherapy and coaching for a number of different reasons. My therapy background is in working with trauma, abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work-related issues, as well as combating procrastination and feeling "stuck". Some issues may be temporary, others may have been building up in the background for some time and have only recently become problematical, while others still can stem from our childhood and upbringing. I can work with you on all of these.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a very difficult time for all, and many people have been struggling with so many conflicting feelings of fear, the need to keep ourselves or our families safe, whilst wanting to help others. News reels fills resulted in sensations of uncertainty, isolation, loss and grief, because everyday life and survival had become uncertain for everyone. You may have particular worries or issues due to the pandemic, regarding your own health or that of a loved one, together with feelings of grief, anger, frustration, loss of freedom, loss of employment, etc. It is perfectly natural to experience any and all of these feelings - not just around the pandemic, but around any area of your life.

I also offer a supportive therapeutic environment for coming to terms with disability or illness, including being diagnosed with blood clots and clotting disorders, and surviving and living with the aftermath of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and/or Pulmonary Embolism (PE). I myself am a multiple bilateral PE survivor, and have written and published a book on coping with disability and illness at work.

Counselling / psychotherapy or coaching can help you to deal with your difficulties, by offering a safe, confidential and supportive space for you to talk, reflect and understand. Sharing your thoughts and fears with someone outside of your household can help you to find ways through the issue or to put things into a perspective which you can deal with more easily. Each person reacts to situations in different ways, and some clients may only need a few sessions of therapy whilst others may choose/need to work on their issues on a longer term basis. What's right for one client may not work for another. This is where my qualifications in Integrative Psychotherapy come in: I have studied several different approaches to working, which I can use at appropriate times with different clients for different issues.

Throughout our time together, your well-being and mental strength will be my priority. I can work with you through life’s challenges with the attention and care you deserve.


In addition to counselling and psychotherapy, I can offer motivational coaching to help you identify and reach realistic goals for the future, whether this be in relation to your language skills, home life, your relationships, your career, retirement, moving home, etc.


For example, you might want some help to plan your move to a new career, to find a way to save money for house renovations or a holiday, to find a better work / life balance, to improve the ways in which you write and speak English, to establish a better working relationship with your boss or colleagues, to plan goals for the coming year or for your retirement.


I have coached dozens of people, helping them to identify a goal and then put together a realistic plan towards achieving it, whether it has been a personal or career goal, or overcoming a difficulty in either area. Whatever the issue, I can help you look at it from different angles and come up with approaches to resolve it.

Career coaching

  • Goal setting to suit your ambitions

  • Resume / CV & Interview Skills

  • Identifying Skill-Gaps and Training Needs

  • Balancing Work, Life, Family

  • Creating better working relationships with your colleagues and management

  • Decision-making when struggling to hold onto your job during illness, injury, disability or mental health problems

  • Developing in your Current Role

  • Changing Career or Taking a Break from Work

  • Re-entering the Workplace

  • Being made Redundant or preparing for Retirement

  • Choosing your Future Path


Language coaching


• Developing your English speaking and writing skills

Life coaching

• Making Decisions and Plans, Setting Aims & Goals
• Adapting to Change
• Family, Money, Balance
• Health & Body

• Learning to live with becoming disabled

• Dealing with illness - yours or someone else's
• Communication
• Piecing Together Life's Jigsaw
• Debt Counselling


Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching sessions can be held face-to-face in a suitable venue like a cafe or my home.

I am also available online (video call or email) for people and occasionally by telephone.

This means we can work together from any distance, wherever you live globally.

Prices and Options


I am currently offering reduced rates, plus a discount for blocks of 5 sessions which are purchased in one booking.

To start working with me: contact me via or Whatsapp (+34) 658 929871.


To pay for sessions: you can pay in cash if we are meeting face to face. For all other sessions, or to take advantage of discount on a block of 5 sessions, please pay via paypal using this link:

For people in north Costa Blanca, Spain:​

Counselling or coaching in person at a suitable venue:

• 1 session (50 minutes) - €25

• 5 sessions with discount - €110 - bookable only with full payment in advance.

For people anywhere in the world:

Counselling or coaching via email:

• 1 Email response from me (750+ words) - £20
• 5 emails with discount - €90 - bookable only with full payment in advance.

Counselling or coaching via internet video / phone calls:

• 1 session (50 mins)  - €25
• 5 sessions with discount - €110 - bookable only with full payment in advance.



My professional qualifications include:


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy (Coventry University & Sherwood Psychotherapy Training  Institute)

  • Diploma Level 2 in Counselling, Theory & Practice (Open College)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts (Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute)

  • Diploma in Coaching (The Coaching Academy)

  • BSc(Ed)(Hons) in Education and Maths, with Qualified Teacher Status (Exeter University)

 Terms and conditions

  1. All fees to be paid in person, or online via Paypal at the time the appointment is booked.

  2. All fees include 21% IVA (tax in Spain on my earnings).

  3. Your name and any contact details will be held confidentially by me, solely for the purposes of maintaining a booking diary and accounting receipts. No records will be created or held by me on the content of our sessions.

  4. Cancellation of a booking (by either you or me) should be made with at least 24 hours notice - a re-booking can then be offered.

  5. Cancellation (by you) with less than 24 hours notice will be non-refundable for that session.

  6. Please note that I do not do pairs or group sessions - sessions are bookable for one person only.

  7. Current health guidelines (availability of antibacterial handwash, wiping down surfaces before and after sessions, etc) are adhered to.

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