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PICA BOOKS is a publishing house of books - and a magazine - with an educational / learning / development / supportive slant.

New writers are welcome to get in touch.

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All books are available via Amazon.

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Fiction & poetry
The Origins of PICA BOOKS - being passionate about books & inspiring others

I've been a fan of books since I could read - I often say that I grew up in Narnia and went to school at Malory Towers and St Clare's - and I've been writing stories since I could put pen to paper. ​My childhood ambitions were to one day become an author, a journalist or a teacher. I'm lucky enough that I'm now all three.

From 2008-14 I worked for my most inspiring boss, Dave Harris. Whilst he was writing his second book, "Brave Heads" for Headteachers of schools, he said that it needed a chapter written for Headteachers' Personal Assistants. I laughed, saying "no, that'd be a whole book". He then challenged me to write it.

"Brave PAs: the ultimate guide to being outstanding in a tough job" was published in March 2015, closely followed by "The PA & EA Circus" - my two offerings to the Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant / Admin community.

​I created PICA BOOKS in 2015 as a publishing house of books with an educational / learning / supportive slant.


All PICA BOOKS volumes are available worldwide from Amazon.

Would you like to join PICA BOOKS?

In addition to my own books, I also work with other writers and illustrators to help them see their books written and published - whether under the PICA BOOKS banner or not. If you'd like to work with me, get in touch -

I can offer several routes for working with you:

  • I can get your book ready for publication and you then publish it by yourself for fee A;

  • I can get your book ready for publicaton and then publish it under the PICA BOOKS banner for fee B;

  • I can publish your print-ready files under the PICA BOOKS banner for fee C;

  • I can publish under the PICA BOOKS banner in return for a percentage of all royalties if your book is sure to be a bestseller!

Contact me to discuss what stages your mansucript needs and we can decide on the most appropriate route (and fee) for your book to get the happy ending it deserves.

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