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Helene Hanff

HH fans in touch

Since setting up my original HH website back in 1997, I've been contaced by over 10,000 Hanff fans (Hanffians) from all over the world. Many have wanted to find out more about her, others have wanted to share their experiences, and many have asked to get in touch with other fans.

We've evolved from posting messages on a guestbook  - through a listserv discussion group - then a Yahoo groups email list - and finally, we seem to have converged at Facebook.

Fans of Helene Hanff is the main group for discussions - please feel free to join and take part. Link to the group:

Many are from those early messages back in the late 1990s, and several have even met up.

Our most noted traveller is Rachel Launders from Sydney, Australia, who has met with:

  • Angela Garry in Lincoln, England

  • Ken Anderson in Irmo, South Carolina, USA and

  • Diane Gross in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Please do get in touch!

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