Chronic multi-tasker!

Books: "Brave PAs" and "The PA & EA Circus", plus Professional Development Books and around 15 books for children.

Challenged by her (then) boss to write a book for PAs working in schools, Angela has gone on to create numerous books, and help others to create theirs too.


Integrative Psychotherapist and Trainer, based in Derby, UK.

Book: "Dissociation: bringing it into awareness"

Debra is an expert on dissociation and has run numerous training seminars for people working in  counselling and psychotherapy. She has more than 10 years' experience as a qualified psychotherapist.


Bilingual Executive Assistant, based in Moscow.

Books: "Assistant's Path in Russia: a guide for Personal Assistants".

Christina has more than 10 years' experience in administrative field, and has written several articles for PA / EA magazines. We are proud to have published the book in both the original Russian and in an English translation.


Firefighter, based in Nottingham, UK.

Books: "Chilli the Chimp" and "Freckle the Fox".

Nigel has worked closely with Illustrator Andy Case for ten years in the music industry, creating lyrics for a range of songs, ranging from school academy productions to emerging artists, with success in numerous European and Worldwide charts.


Teacher, Cartoonist / Illustrator and Music Mogul, in Nottingham, UK

Books: "Holly the Lolly Van" plus illustrations for books by Nigel Measures and Angela Garry.


Andy has been creating illustrations for over 25 years - using a variety of mediums - which have been published in a number of publications worldwide. "Holly.." is his first solo book.


Teaching Assistant in a primary school, based in Derby, UK.

Books: "Colin the Cuddly Cactus" and "Cinders - the kitten who licked everything".

Dean has worked with children for almost 10 years and loves watching children meet their potential. He also loves making them laugh. A keen reader himself, he is now sharing his stories with a worldwide audience through his delightful storybooks.


Former online dater, location: hidden.

Book: "Dating Dilemmas: the art of meeting entirely the wrong man through online dating".

Ditzy Daisy is a pseudonym. (Seriously, who’d have thought it?)

‘Daisy’ is based on the real life experiences of a 50-something bubbly buxom blonde with a vivacious love for life.


Former history worker and writer, from Derbyshire.

Book: "Fire-Dreamers".

Ann Torr wrote many articles which were published in magazines and periodicals from the 1970s onwards. Throughout she was working on her novel, Fire-Dreamers, which is now being published as a posthumous celebration of her writing.

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