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OLIVA 2024 diary


This is the third consecutive diary that I have produced for Oliva.

A photographic diary for 2024 with 120 pages and 80+ beautiful photos of Oliva, Valencia, from 40+ residents and visitors plus the Ajuntament d'Oliva.

Price: €15, incluing €2 to P.E.P.A. for each copy.

To order a copy (or copies), please send your payment to via

(To do this, (1) highlight and copy my email address, (2) click the Paypal link and login, (3) send payment to me for your order. If you are unable to use Paypal, please contact me by email.)

This is a fund-raising book. To ensure that I'm not left out of pocket, I need to insist on payment in advance please.

I will arrange a bulk order from the printers in October, which will arrive during late October / early November. I will inform all buyers when the diaries will be available for pick-up either from me or from the Oliva P.E.P.A. shop. A second bulk order may be made later.

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covers 115.jpg
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