Helene Hanff

Books for children

Helene wrote thirteen books for a younger audience.

For small children and toddlers, she wrote:

Terrible Thomas - the tale of a small boy growing up in a large apartment building in New York, much like the one which Helen herself lived in - Published in 1964.

Butch Elects a Mayor - young Butch always likes to help - but his assistance gets in the way during his father's election campaign - 1969

Helene also wrote several history and geography  books for school-children and teenagers:

Battle for New Orleans (Living History program) - 1961.

The signing of the Constitution (Know your America program) - 1961.

John F Kennedy: young man of destiny (Know your America program) - 1965.

Early Settlers in America: Jamestown, Plymouth and Salem (A who, when, where book) - 1965.

Good neighbours: the Peace Corps in Latin America (A who, when, where book) - 1966.

Religious Freedom: the American Story (A who, when, where book) - 1966.

Mexico (Around the World program) - 1967.


Our Nation's Capital (Know your America program) - 1967.

Paraguay and Uruguay (Around the World program) - 1967.

Queen of England: story of Elizabeth I - 1969.

The Movers and Shakers: young activists of the sixties - 1970.

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