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'EDPA' Magazine

FOR PAs, EAs & ADMINs working in EDUCATION

EDPA magazine closed in April 2020.

From 2001 to 2020, EDPA (and under its previous name NAHPA) was the only professional development publication specifically written for PAs and Admins working in education.

Articles were sourced from PA Trainers, Educational experts, Motivational Authors and the magazine's readership, and were written specifically with school and college PAs and Admin staff in mind.

Each issue of EDPA provided 31 pages of Continuous Professional Development and motivational items specifically authored for the education audience, sourced from leading educational trainers, worldwide PA trainers, and from PAs, secretaries and administrative staff working in education globally.


Whilst the magazine has now closed, PAs and Administrative Staff working in education can request a pdf copy of a previous issue by emailing

A book of articles collated from the magazine will be published in the near future.

Angela Garry, April 2020.

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  • To inspire and motivate PAs and Admins working in education,

  • to offer relevant training information,

  • to look at challenges faced by education PAs and admins,

  • to encourage PAs and admins to share their experiences and learn from others,

  • to point subscribers in the right direction for useful resources for CPD, and

  • to highlight the importance of the role of PA and Administrators so that the roles get the recognition they deserve as truly professional.



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