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Language, Life & Career Coaching
Counselling & Psychotherapy


Coaching and Counselling help you to be your future self, whether that be through providing a life coaching boost to help your reach your aims and goals, career coaching and mentoring to develop or even change career, or looking at work issues you want to resolve.

You might look for help via:


Language coaching

• Developing your English speaking and writing skills

Life coaching

• Making Decisions and Plans, Setting Goals
• Adapting to Change
• Family, Money, Balance
• Health & Body
• Communication
• Piecing Together Life's Jigsaw
• Debt Counselling
• Leaving work / returning to work after time off

Career coaching

  • Goal setting to suit your ambitions

  • Resume / CV & Interview Skills

  • Identifying Skill-Gaps and Training Needs

  • Balancing Work, Life, Family

  • Developing in your Current Role

  • Changing Career or Taking a Break from Work

  • Re-entering the Workplace, Redundancy, Retirement

  • Choosing your Future Path

We all have huge potential - but most of us need some assistance in first of all seeing it, working towards it, and in accepting who and what we are. Our present can be influenced by our past - but we have the capacity to change our future.

I have a Diploma in Coaching and have worked with dozens of people, helping them to identifying a goal and then putting together a realistic plan towards achieving it, whether it has been a personal goal or a career goal, or overcoming a difficulty in either area.


I am the author of several books including the "My 'ME' Book - am I nearly there yet?" - a series of journals to assist with reaching personal life goals, studying goals, and continuous professional development goals.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

As an alternative to goal-oriented Coaching, you may wish to undergo Counselling / Psychotherapy, to work on more complex and / or long term issues.

My professional qualifications include:

* BSc(Ed)(Hons) in Education and Maths, with Qualified Teacher Status (Exeter University)

* Post Graduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy (Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute / Coventry University),

* Diploma Level 2 in Counselling, Theory & Practice

* Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Concepts

* Diploma in Coaching.

In addition, I have been trained in Child Protection issues, plus * Debt Counselling and * Working with Disabled People.

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